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Emrah Atilgan

PhD Student
Emrah was graduated from Eskisehir Osmangazi University in Turkey with mathematics. He is now Ph.D. student in computer science. His research interests include high-performance computing, parallel computing, data mining and bioinformatics. Emrah is now graduated with Ph.D of computer science with disseration: Computational Doping for Fuel Cell Material Design Based on Genetic Algorithms and Genetic programming. 2016.
Sendurr Selvaraj

Master Student
Sendurr was graduated from Anna University in India with Electronics and communication. He is now graduated with Master degree in computer science. His Master thesis is: Mobile Application for Shipping Goods for Individuals and Truckers in India. 2017.1
Jie(Jason) Hu

Visiting PhD Student
Jie is a Ph.D. student of Guizhou University. His research interests include machine learning, data mining and patent mining.
Jhih-Rong Lin

PhD Student
Jhih-Rong was graduated from Taiwan Tsinghua University. His researchinterests include machine learning, data mining and bioinformatics. He is now working protein sorting motif analysis. Jhih-rong is now graduated with Ph.D.of computer science. his disseration is: Computational Analysis and prediction of Genome-wide protein targeting Signals and Localization. He is now Postdoc in Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
Rong Liu

Postdoc (from fall 2009)
Tel: 803-777-1912
Rong got his Ph.D. degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. His interests include bioinformatics and computational biology. He is working on evolution analysis of protein sorting motifs. Rong is now Associate Professor at College of Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural University, China
Ananda Mondal

PhD Student (from spring 2009)
Tel: 803-777-1912
Ananda got his Ph.D. and is now Lecturer of computer science at Claffin University. His research interests include protein docking based drug design and protein localization prediction. He is now Associate Professor at Clafin University, SC.
Paul Melton

undergraduate Student (from spring 2013)
Tel: 803-777-1912
He is working on visualization and text mining of doped materials..
Sanjay Mahalingam

Master Student (from Fall 2013)
Tel: 803-777-1912
Sanjay was graduated frmo Amrita University with Bachelor degree of Technology. He is working on android game for protein sorting and ios Apps development. His Master Thesis is: Smartphone App for Realtime content sharing on campus. 2014. He was the member of winner team for 2014 Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon competition. He has since worked at Inbo, Stitch, SugarCRM, and now at Clari.
Ethan Mayo

undergraduate Student (from summer 2013)
Tel: 803-777-1912
He is working on web design for computational material database.
Samuel Watson

undergraduate Student (from Fall 2013)
Tel: 803-777-1912
MDB interactive web interface development
Graham Brooker

undergraduate Student (from Fall 2013)
Tel: 803-777-1912
He is working on material doping data collection, visualization and text mining of doped materials..
Stephanie Hennrich

Undergraduate Research Assistant (from summer 2009)
Tel: 803-777-1912
Stephanie is currently senior undergraduate student. Her research interests include bioinformatics and algorithms. She is working on developing web servers for protein sorting analysis.
Richard Porter

PhD Student (from fall 2009)
Tel: 803-777-1912
Richard Porter's interests include algorithms and bioinformatics. He is working on evolution analysis of protein sorting motifs.
Adel D. Rujab

PhD Student (Spring 2012)
He is now Ph.D. student in computer science. His researchinterests include data mining and bioinformatics.
Haiwei LUO

PhD Student
USC Biology
Haiwei is interested in metagenomics related to marine biology. The collaboration has led to our recent paper published on PNAS: Subcellular localization of marine bacterial alkaline phosphatases, November 19, 2009.
Casey Cole

Undergraduate student (Spring 2013)
Tel: 803-777-1912
Casey came from University of South Carolina and has worked on visualization of material doping relationship using D3 java library. She is also the Magellan scholarship winner based on the topic of computational material informatics study.
Francis Usher

REU Undergraduate student (summer 2010)
Tel: 803-777-1912
Francis came from University of Hawaii and has worked on the text mining system for automatic extraction of protein sorting motifs, along with Lewis Cawthorne.
Kevin Chien

Rotation Master Student (spring 2010 to summer 2010)
Tel: 803-777-1912
Kevin worked toward his Master degree of computer engineering. He has done some research on evolutionary algorithms.
Matthew Hamod

CS Undergraduate Student (spring 2012 to Fall 2012)
USC computer science senior student. He developed code for protein sorting related text mining
James Poston

CS Undergraduate Student (spring 2012 to Fall 2012)
USC computer science senior student. He tried to develop educational android game inspired by protein sorting
Nicholas Romito

REU Undergraduate Student (Summer 2012)
Clemson University computer science senior student .
Mythri Sunkara

MS Student
Mythri's research interests include machine learning and data mining. She is working on literature text data mining
Michael Becker

Undergraduate Research Assistant (from fall 2009)
Tel: 803-777-1912
Michael is currently junior undergraduate student. He is interested in bioinformatics and has developped sorting signal scanning algorithm.

PhD Student (Fall 2008-Fall2009)
Fan Zhang received his B.S. and M.S. of Computer Science from Northeastern University in China. His major interests include bioinformatics algorithm design, graph algorithms, data mining, and machine learning. He has worked on protein sorting motif discovery algorithms and protein localization prediction using SVM.

PhD Student (spring-summer 2009)
Xu has worked on the problem of identifying biomarker genes from microarray gene expression data
Jia XU

PhD Student (fall 2008).Now at U.Miami
Jia has worked on algorithms to identify differentially expressed genes from microarray expression data using pattern clustering based pruning algorithm. This work is to be published on BMC Genomics.
Guoyu Lu

Master Student for independent study (summer 2008). Now at Microsoft
Guoyu developped an excellent parallel computation pipeline for large-scale virtual screening using Autodock protein-ligand docking platform. This system is composed of a set of shell scripts and perl scripts and can be run on Linux cluster using the PBS system.