We will have several reading and programming Homework.

How to submit:

  1. Non-programming assignments: Print it out and hand it to me before class
  2. Please type it and print it clearly...
  3. Programming assignments: go to http://dropbox .cse.sc.edu, login and upload your file in dropbox center.

1page-cheatsheet.pdf 1 page python cheatsheet

I will email you if assignment has been posted here. Homeworks (There will be five graded homeworks and 1 final project).


python exercises

Homework assignments are available at http://dropbox.cse.sc.edu

Homework1 (Due 9/8th)

Homework2 (Due 9/22nd)

Homework3 (Due 10/6th)

Midterm Exam 10/15th

Homework4 (Due 10/20th)

Homework5 (Due 11/3rd)

Final project Due date: (Dec. 10th)

Final Exam (Dec 10th. Tuesday 9:00 a.m.)