Calendar of Topics (Tentative)
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Calendar of Topics (Tentative)
The following topics are being constantly updated.........

Week 1Introduction
 Formula computing
 read CH1
Week 2Lists
 read CH2.1
Week 3Lists, Tuple Dictionary
 read CH2.5 CH6.2
 Assignment 1 due 9/8
Week 4While loops
 read CH2.1
Week 5For loop
 read CH2.2
 Assignment 2 Due 9/22
Week 6Functions and Branching
 read CH3
Week 7Input Data and Error Handling
 read CH4
 Assignment 3 Due 10/6
Week 8Array & Plotting
 Read CH5
Week 9Midterm Exam 10/15.
Week 10Files and Strings
 Read CH6
 Assignment 4 Due 10/27
Week 11Classes
 Read CH7
Week 12Random Numbers
 read CH8
 Assignment 5 Due 11/10
Week 13Object-oriented programming
 read CH9.1,9.2
Week 14Object-oriented programming
 read CH9.4
Week 15course summary
 Attendance required.
 Final Project Report Due Dec 10th
 Final Exam Dec. 10, Tuesday - 9:00 a.m..