Interesting WWW resources

  1. datasciencecentral Big data
  2. Python Review in snapshot?(
  3. Learn python programming interactively with
  4. Python tutorial

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Scientific Programming using Python

  1. Prime textbook author's python resources
  2. |Learn python Apps
  3. All IT books
  4. Python exercies
  5. solutions of Primer for Scientific Programming using Python
  6. 3D modeling with vpython
  7. Stanford scientific python course
  8. official Python Tutorial
  9. Python for scientific computing: Where to start
  10. Textbook software setup and code download
  11. 10 Reasons Python Rocks for Research ****
  12. Python success in real world examples
  13. NumericAndScientific libraries of python
  14. codecademy Python tutorial interactive online course *****
  15. A Worked Example on Scientific Computing with Python
  16. Python reference library
  17. Learn Python in 10 minutes
  18. A mini Python tutorial
  19. short Python tutorial
  20. basic and advanced python syntax and feature check with examples
  21. A (very short) introduction to Python with nice examples
  22. Kivy - Open source Python library for rapid development of applications that make use of innovative user interfaces, such as multi-touch apps.
  23. the-top-10-cloud-based-tools-for-developers
  24. Book resource: Introduction to Computing and Programming in Python: A Multimedia Approach

1. Dive Into Python

2. A Byte of Python

3. Learn Python The Hard Way

4. The Python Tutorial

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