Software Resources for Python Programming

I recommend scientific python programming under Linux. But you can still use windows as below.

Before you start, you can read this great post on Scientific Programming using Python.

Steps to set up your windows python development environment

  1. install winpython 2.7.5 version just need to go to this page download and download and install the exe file on windows machine.
  2. start SPYDER IDE to start programming

How to install Python IDE on Linux/Windows/Mac

1) if you use Linux machine.

    just download  sublime editor  that is enough.

    you can also install Spyder IDE

2) if you use Windows system:

    download and install the WinPython from here
after you install this, find the directory where the python.exe is located. \\e.g.: C:\User\xxx\Downloads\WinPython-64bit-\python-2.7.9.amd64 You also then need to set up the PATH environment variable to let Sublime find python.exe command. right click "My computer", then property, environment variables ->system environment variable find PATH and edit it by adding a ; first plus the python.exe's path as shown above.

    and then also download and install sublime editor 

3) If you use Mac computer:

    download and install sublime editor 

    download and install anarconda

both winpython and anarconda have Spyder IDE included.

Other related softwares

  1. kivy platform for smartphone app development
  2. bokeh platform for web visualization using python
  3. Sublime smart editor for programmers
  4. Mathplotlib example figures
  5. NumericAndScientific python
  6. SPYDER: IDE for python development Spyder, with built-in numpy and scipy
  7. IEP: interactive python programming IDE
  8. source code for developing apps using Python
  9. Evaluating IDEs for scientific Python
  10. Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages
  11. download Enthought Python Distribution Free at here
  12. scikit-learn Machine Learning in Python
  13. NumericAndScientific packages of python list
  14. Python data mining resources
  15. PatternPattern is a web mining module for the Python
  16. Best python modules for data mining