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  1. midtermReview.ppt Δ Midterm Review
  2. chap1cpp4th.ppt Variables Expression, Assignment
  3. chap2cpp4th.ppt Control flow, if-else,switch,loops (for/while)
  4. chap3cpp4th.ppt functions
  5. chap4cpp4th.ppt parameters,call by reference, call by value, default parameter, overloading, debuging
  6. chap5cpp4th.ppt arrays,multidimension arrays, dynamic arrays
  7. chap6cpp4th.ppt structures and classes
  8. chap7cpp4th.ppt constructors, STL
  9. chap8cpp4th.ppt operator overloading, friends, references
  10. chap9cpp4th.ppt string manipulation
  11. chap10cpp4th.ppt pointers and dynamic arrays
  12. chap11cpp4th.pptseparate compilation, namespace
  13. chap12cpp4th.pptstreams and file I/O
  14. chap13cpp4th.ppt Recursion functions
  15. chap14cpp4th.ppt inheritance
  16. chap15cpp4th.ppt polymorphism and virtual function
  17. chap16cpp4th.ppt templates
  18. chap17cpp4th.ppt Linked data structures,iterator, trees, linked list
  19. chap18cpp4th.ppt Exception handling
  20. chap19cpp4th.ppt STL
  21. chap20cpp4th.ppt Patterns and UML

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