Calendar of Topics (Tentative)
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Calendar of Topics (Tentative)
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Week 1 8/20Overview of Data structure and algorithms
Week 2 8/25Data structures
 Assignment 1 (Due 9/10/2008)
8/27analysis framework Chapter2
Week 3 9/01Ch2.2 Ch 2.3
9/03Ch2.4 Ch 2.5
Week 4 9/08Ch2.6 Ch 2.7
 Assignment 2 (Due 9/24/2008)
9/10ch3 Brute force algorithms
Week 5 9/15ch4 divide and conquer
9/17ch4 divide and conquer
Week 6 9/22ch4 divide and conquer
 Assignment 3 (Due 10/13/2008)
Week 7 9/29Midterm Exam1
10/01Discussion of Midterm1
Week 8 10/06Divide and conquer algorithms
10/08No class
Week 9 10/13Decrease and conquer
10/15Decrease and Conquer: DFS
 Assignment 4 (Due 10/27/2008)
Week 10 10/20Decrease and Conquer: BFS,Topological Sorting, binary search tree
10/22Transform and conquer Ch6
Week 11 10/27Transform and conquer AVL Tree, Heapsort
 Assignment 5 (Due 11/05/2008)
10/29Midterm Exam2
Week 12 11/03No class
 Assignment 6 (Due 11/19/2008)
11/05Space time tradeoff Ch7 
Week 13 11/10Dynamic programming Ch8
11/12Greedy Algorithm Ch9
Week 14 11/17Greedy algorithm: Dijkstra algo, Huffman tree
 Assignment 7 (Due 12/04/2008)
11/19Limitation of algorithm power. Ch10
Week 15 11/24Limitation of algorithm power
11/26No class. Thanksgiving
Week 16 12/01Coping with algorithm limit Ch11
12/03Review for final
Week 17 12/09Final Exam Wednesday, 2:00 p.m.