Calendar of Topics (Tentative)
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Meeting Time/Place: TTH 1:15AM-2:30AM Classroom: 2A14
Lab Time: TBD Linux lab
Calendar of Topics (Tentative)
The following topics are being constantly updated.........

Week 1Introduction to Mobile App Development
Week 2Typescript
Week 3Basic mobile app
 Basic mobile app
 Assignment 1 due 2/4
Week 4ionic UI
 app with local storage
Week 5app with firebase storage
 read CH2.2
 Assignment 2 Due 2/23
Week 6ionic Framework
 Ionic List, Add/delete/edit/save objects, UI components
Week 7Ionic framework +local storage
 read x
 Project Proposal Due 3/20
 Assignment 3 Due 3/31
Week 8Cordova Plugin Camera/Video/Audio/Photo
 Read x
Week 9Midterm Exam 4/2
Week 10Midterm discussion and Firebase File Storage
 Read x
 Assignment 4 Due 4/12
Week 11App Push Notification
 Cordova Plugin GPS and google map
Week 12App security
 read x
Week 13App social login, social sharing, In app browser, Secure storage
 read xx
Week 14App optimization, iOs and Android app publishing
 read xx
Week 15Final project review
May 4Demo presentation class
 Final Project Report Due Final May 4, Tuesday, 4:00 p.m..