Suggested Readings for the course

This list will be updated regularly. Read most or all of them to obtain broad understanding of the field. Be sure you have read something before coming to lectures so you have something in mind for discussion and brainstorming.

Tutorials and Reading materials of Main Techniques

  1. HTML tutorial
  2. Javascript tutorial
  3. CSS tutorial
  4. JQuery Tutorial
  5. tutorial
  6. Cordova How to
  7. Kendo UI framework
  8. Parse Tutorial
  9. Parse Javascript framework documentation
  10. Ionic in action book examples

Startup News

  1. Techcrunch News
  2. ProductHunt


  1. Cordova install and getting started
  2. Cordova How to
  3. Ionic framework showcases
  4. Telerik framework demo
  5. Phone gap demos
  6. Appgyver Demos
  7. Kendo UI Mobile Demo apps

Backends for Apps

  1. back4app backend with parse SDK My current recommendation
  2. Oursky parse hosting
  3. parse hosting
  5. Backendless JS sample apps
  6. firebase my second recommendation
  7. Backand.commy third recommendation
  9. Windows Azure platform with sample app
  10. will be shut down on 1/28/2017!!!
  11. List of parse alternatives
  12. gitial ocean $5/month plan SSD
  13. Amazon AWS JDK

Ionic frameworks

  1. Build ionic app Youtube
  2. Ionic Book:step by step tutorial
  3. ionic starter skeleton apps to buy
  4. ionic learning resources
  5. Ionic showcases
  6. Ionic app with Push Notification
  7. Ionic talks/videos
  8. ionic adventures/resources
  9. 240+ ionic framework samples tutorials with backends
  10. must have ionic plugins
  11. creating views of ionic
  12. ionic app structures
  13. data models

Ionic based apps

  1. notifynearby brands activities
  2. ionic sample apps with different backends
  3. ionic conference app Good for copying some views

Kendo UI framework

  1. Steps for building kendo UI app
  2. kendoui Mobile guide
  3. KendoUI youtube
  4. kendo ui generator
  5. kendo ui demos
  6. KendoUI Mobile control demos Good for copying code snippets

How to publish apps to ios appstore and android play store

  1. Publishing ios apps steps
  2. How to publish android app
  3. App store screenshop sizes