Software Resources for Mobile App Development

  1. 22 Mock UI designers

App publishing tools

  1. capture iphone screen video
  2. create screen shot video for tutorial of app
  3. mockup screenshots of ios/android apps ***
  4. app screenshot builder
  7. free Filmora Video Editor
  8. icecream screen recorder
  9. relfector map iphone/ipad screen to big PC for app demo

Tools for doing Hybrid App development environment

  1. Chrome browser
  2. Sublime Editor
  3. Cordova compiler

How to install Hybrid App development tools on Linux/Windows/Mac

  1. Install Nodejs platform NPM
  2. install cordova
  3. install ios/android/windows etc app build and emulation environment
  4. How to install Cordova commandline tool
  5. Installing Cordova and the Android SDK on Windows 7 and 8
  6. [[|building crossplatform desktop apps using HTML/CSS/JS]

Other related softwares

  1. kivy platform for smartphone app development

UI Design Resources

  1. App design template
  2. ionic facebook login