Calendar of Lectures

CG: Textbook Computational Genomics
EB: Textbook Essential Bioinformatics

WeekTopicsReading material
Week 1 1/14Introduction to bioinformaticsChapter 1 (CG)
1/16Genome Sequencing
Week 2 1/21Gene Finding
1/23No class
 Assignment 1 Assigned
Week 3 1/28Sequence Alignment 1
1/30Sequence Alignment 2
Week 4 2/4Sequence Alignment 3
2/6HMM & Profile HMM
 Assignment 2 Assigned (Assignment1 Due)
Week 5 2/11gene finding with HMM
2/13comparative genomics
Week 6 2/18motif discoveryCh7 (EB)
2/20Promoter predictionCh9 (EB)
 Assignment 3 Assigned (Assignment2 Due)
Week 7 2/25No class
2/27Phylogenetics 1Ch10 (EB)
Week 8 3/3Phylogenetics 2Ch11 (EB)
3/5Midterm Exam
Week 9 3/10Spring break no class
3/12Spring break no class
Week 10 3/17Microarray Analysis I:clusteringCh18 (EB)
3/19Microarray Analysis II:classificationCh18 (EB)
 Project Proposal Due
Week 11 3/24Microarray Analysis III:differential expressionCh18 (EB)
3/26Microarray Analysis III:differential expressionCh18 (EB)
Week 12 3/31Gene/protein function predictionCh 19(EB)
4/2Network bioinforamtics I
 Assignment 4 Assigned (Assignment3 Due)
Week 13 4/7Network bioinforamtics II
4/9Protein secondary structure predictionCh14 (EB)
Week 14 4/14Protein Tertiary structure predictionCh15 (EB)
4/16Integrative Genomics ISlides
 Assignment 4 Due (Assignment 5 assigned)
Week 15 4/21Integrative Genomics IISlides
4/23Question/Answer session for assignments and projects
Week 16 4/28Breakthroughs paper analysis in Bioinformatics
4/30Brainstorm, Research in bioinformatics
 Assignment 5 Due
Week 17 5/5Final Exam Week (no class)
5/7Final Project Presentation/Final Project Report Due