Lecture Notes

Week 1

Lecture1.ppt Introduction to bioinformatics

Lecture2.ppt Genome Sequencing

Week 2

Lecture3.ppt Gene Finding

Week 3

Lecture4.ppt Sequence Alignment 1

Lecture5.zip Sequence Alignment 2

Week 4

Lecture6.ppt Sequence Alignment 3

Lecture7.ppt HMM & Profile HMM

Week 5

Lecture8.ppt gene finding with HMM

Lecture9.ppt comparative genomics

Week 6

Lecture10.ppt Motif search and discovery

Lecture11.ppt Motif, promoter prediction


Lecture12.ppt PhylogeneticsI

Lecture13.ppt Phylogenetics II

Week 8

spring break

Week 9

Lecture14.ppt Microarray analysis I clustering

Lecture15.ppt Microarray analysis II classification

Week 10

Lecture15.ppt Microarray analysis II classification

Lecture16.ppt Microarray analysis III Differentially expresssed genes

Week 11

Lecture17.pdf protein function prediction

Lecture18.ppt Network biology I

Week 12

Lecture19.ppt Network comparison/conservation

Lecture20.ppt Protein secondary structure prediction

Week 13

Lecture21.ppt Protein Tertiary structure prediction

Lecture22.ppt Integrative Genomics I

Week 14

Lecture23.ppt Integrative Genomics II