Calendar of Topics (Tentative)
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Week 1Overview of Parallel Computing
 Introduction to Parallel Computers of COE: Nick, Zia etc and PBS based Linux cluster computing
 Homework1 assigned
Week 2Parallel Architectures. Network topologies;Multiprocessors/computers Flynn's taxonomy
 Parallel Algorithm Design.Task/channel model
Week 3Partitioning/communication/agglomeration/mapping
 case studies: reduction, gather,all_gather, scatter algorithms
Week 4Message Passing programming. MPI basic
 1D array decomposition
Week 52D array decomposition
 Document clustering
Week 6MPI programming
 MPI programming
 Homework2 assigned
Week 7Matrix math parallelization(Chapter8)
 Matrix-vector multiplication,matrix multiplication (chapter 11)
Week 8Midterm Exam
 Homework3 assigned
Week 9performance analysis of pararrel programs
 Midterm exam feedback+Combinatorial search I
 Final project proposal due
Week 13xxx
 Homework4 assigned
Week 10Shared memory programming (OpenMP) I (Ch17)
 Introduction to Hadoop data intensive computing
Week 11Combining MPI and OpenMP (ch18)
 Finite difference methods
Week 12Solving Linear system I (Ch12)
 Final Project propal assigned
 Introduction to cloud computing
Week 13CUDA multi-core processor programming
 Summary course evaluation
 Exam week. No class
 Final Project Due