Lecture notes/slides will be uploaded during the course.

Check shared dropbox folder.

THe following slides are for reference only.

Week 1

Lecture1.ppt Introduction to Parallel Computing

Week 2

Lecture2.ppt PBS and Linux cluster

Week 3

Lecture3.ppt Parallel Architecture

Week 4

Lecture4.ppt Parallel Programming Model

Week 5

Lecture5.ppt Parallel Programming Model and algo design

Week 6

Lecture6.ppt MPI Parallel Programming

Week 7

Lecture7.pdf MPI programming functions

Week 8

Lecture8.ppt Parallel Programming Send Receive.

Week 9

Lecture9.ppt Performance analysis of parallel programs

Week 10

Lecture10.ppt Differential Equations

Week 11

Lecture11.ppt Maxtrix vector multiplication

Week 12

Lecture12.ppt Open-MP programming

Week 13

Lecture13.ppt Open-MP/MPI mixed programming

Week 14

Lecture14.ppt Multi-thread programming

Lecture15.ppt Solving Linear Systems