Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of South Carolina

Course Highlights Many interesting applications, Hands-on projects, exposure to techniques from machine learning, pattern recognization, statistics, mathematics, and computational intelligence

Course Description Easy acquision of huge amount of data in science, business, and national security makes it critial to extract informative knowledge and patterns from these data to ensure the competitiveness in the world. Data mining have been intensively used in large companies such as IBM, HP, Ebay, Wellsfargo, by govenmental organizations such as National Security Agency and CIA, and in the emerging field of genomics or bioinformatics. Understanding the principles of data mining and obtaining hands-on experience of implementing data mining projects will greatly improve the competitiveness of students in the job market as well as enhance their research skills. This course will cover the techniques and topics that are widely used in real-world data mining projects including classification, clustering, dimension reduction, feature selection, open-ended knowledge discovery, and etc. We will use real-world data (mostly from bioinformatics applications) to challenge your skills of data mining. Students from computer science, engineering, biostatistics, (molecular) biology, medicine are all encouraged to enroll.

Course Meeting Time & Location

Meeting Time(s): TTH 2:50PM- 4:05PM
Classroom: 2A11 Swearinger Engineering Center

Instructor: Dr. Jianjun Hu
Email: jianjunh AT
Office: 2223 Storey Innovation Center
Office Hours: TTH 4:15PM-5:00PM or by Appointment.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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