Calendar of Topics (Tentative)

Final project presentation

Saturday, December 15 - 12:30 p.m.

The dates are not correct and will be updated soon

Week 1Overview of data mining
 Data mining problems /KNN classifiers
 Assignment 1
Week 2Introduction to Weka
 Data exploration/preprocessing
Week 3Decision tree classifier
 Decision tree classifier/model evaluation
 Assignment 2
Week 4Neural Networks
 Ensemble classifiers/Bagging/Boosting
Week 5Clustering
Week 6Association Mining/Frequent itemset mining
 Association Mining/Frequent itemset mining
 Assignment 3
Week 7Association Rule Mining
 Time series Mining
Week 8Graph mining
 Support Vector Machines
Week 9Support Vector Machines
 Feature selection
 Project Proposal
Week 10Midterm Exam
 Feature selection (wrapper/filter/Genetic algorithms /etc)
 Assignment 4
Week 11Dimension reduction/PCA/Isomap/Multiple Dimensional Scaling(MDS)
 Dimension reduction/PCA/Isomap/Multiple Dimensional Scaling(MDS)
Week 12Regression/non-linear regression
 Logistic regression
Week 13Symbolic regression by genetic programming
 Outlier Detection
Week 14Text and Web Mining
 Collaborative Filtering
Week 15course summary, project presentation
 Project Presentation
12/15Final Project Report Due