Lecture notes/slides will be uploaded during the course.

Lecture1.ppt Introduction to data mining

Lecture2.ppt KNN classifier and Weka

Lecture3.ppt Preprocessing

Lecture4.ppt Decision tree

Lecture5.ppt Decision tree

Lecture6.ppt Model evaluation

Lecture7.ppt Ensemble classifiers

Lecture8.ppt clustering techniques

Lecture9.ppt cluster evaluation and biclustering

Lecture10.ppt Frequent itemset mining FPTree.ppt

Lecture13-svm.ppt support vector machines

Lecture11.ppt Sequential Pattern Mining

Lecture12.ppt Graph Mining

Lecture13.ppt Text Mining

Lecture14.ppt Time Series Mining

LecturedimReduce.ppt Dimension Reduction

Lecture15.ppt Web Mining

Lecture16.zip Δ

Lecture17.ppt Δ

Lecture18.ppt Δ

Lecture24.ppt Δ

Reference slides

Slides from Textbook(Tan)

Slides from Textbook (Han)

Statistical Data Mining Tutorials by Andrew Moore at CMU (recommended)