Calendar of Topics (Tentative)
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Calendar of Topics (Tentative)
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Week 1 8/23Introduction to Machine Learning problems
Week 2 8/28Introduction to Supervised Learning
8/30Supervised Learning, KNN
 Assignment 1 (Due Sept 15, 2018)
Week 3 
9/4Naive Bayesian Classifier
9/6Parametric Methods
Week 4 
9/11clustering -K-means, Hierarhical, EM algorithm
9/13Nonparametric model (Ch8)
 Assignment 2 (Due Sept 30, 2018)
Week 5 
9/27Linear Discrimination 1(Ch10)
10/2ANN:Multilayer Perceptron 1
Week 6 
 Deep Learning1
 Deep Learning2
 Assignment 3 (Due Oct 15, 2018)
Week 7 
 Genetic Algorithms for optimization
 Genetic programming
Week 8 
 Decision Trees & RandomForest
 Local Models
Week 9 
 Assignment 4 (Due Oct 30)
 Fall Break
 Fall Break
Week 10 
 Midterm Exam
 Kernel Machines (SVM) 1 (Ch13)
Week 11 
 Kernel Machines (SVM) 2 (Ch13)
 Design and analysis of ML experiments
Week 12 
 Hidden Markov Model 2
 Assignment 5 (Due Nov 15)
 Ensemble Learning Algorithms 1
Week 13 
 Reinforcement Learning 1
 Reinforcement Learning 2
Week 14 
 Graphical Models 1
 Graphical Models 2
Week 15 
 Dimension Reduction
 Project Presentation
Week 16Final Class
12/4Final Project Due

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