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Evolutionary Computation

Introduction to Evolutionary Computation

Evolutionary computation is an emerging field with regard to developing computational algorithms inspired by natural evolution.A quick way to get fascinated in this area is to read John Koza's tutorial on genetic programming or check his GP course. You may also like to read two interesting articles to see what GP can do for you: Genetic Programming's Human-competitive Results and Evolving Inventions.

Wikipedia introduction on evolutionary compuation
Wikipedia on evolutionary robotics
Free book! A Field Guide to Genetic programming. By Richardo Poli, William B. Langdon, Nicholas F. McPhee

Successful Applications of Evolutionary Computation

Try Eureqa software:automated discovery of physical laws using genetic programming
Human-competitive automated design of patented electrical circuits and controllers HUMIES2009

Dr. Hu's work on evolving mechatronic systems using Genetic Programming GPBG
Dr. Hu's work on evolving graphs using Genetic Programming: EvoGraph with animation
Repository of EC Companies(maintained at University of South Carolina)

Journals and Conferences

Evolutionary Computation Journal

IEEE Transaction on Evolutionary Computation

Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines
Soft Computing
Applied Soft Computing
ACM SIGEVO Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference(GECCO)

IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC)


Eureqa from Hod Lipson's group at Cornell University: Evolving formulas, equations, mathematical relationships from observation data using GP-based symbolic regression

ECJ: Evolutionary Computation package in java with test examples

Open Beagle: versatile C++ Genetic Programming (Genetic Algorithm/Evolutionary Strategies) package with test examples