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We are hiring. 1 Postdoc and 3 RA Ph.d. positions available[September, 2019]

The mission of our lab is to develop deep learning, machine learning, data mining, and evolutionary algorithms for scientific discovery and engineering innovation in materials discovery, bioinformatics and engineering designs. We are looking for highly-motivated Postdocs, PhD students, and Undergraduate RA to join our team to solve challenging problems. Our research is funded by National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, NIH, and SC Department of Transportation.

If you are interested, please submit your CV to with subject "RA/Postdoc position application"

Currently, we have the following opennings (Available now from Sept. 15, 2019 ~...):

Post-doc Research Associate for materials informatics (1 openning)

Potential research topics include

  • Deep learning algorithms for materials discovery.
  • DFT, molecular dynamics, computational materials enabled by machine learning and data science

Candidate Qualifications:
  • Recent Ph.D. in area of Computational Materials (DFT, especially on Li-battery studies) or computer science.
  • Research experiences in either in DFT calculation of deep learning algorithms or related fields such as pattern recognition or machine learning
  • Excellent programming skills with Python

PhD Research Assistants(4 openning from Spring 2020)

We are looking for scientifically motivated Ph.D. students as research assistants who are interested in learning machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms and applied them to solve challenging real-world biology or engineering problems. You are expected to be enthusiastic for research and have the ambition to make big contributions to the research areas. You are also expected to have some interests in understanding and solving biology problems using computational approaches.

Undergraduate Research Assistants (No limit)

We are looking for highly motivated undergraduate students to explore interesting research projects in bioinformatics. You will get hands-on research experience with the guidance of graduate students and the advisor. You are expected to have strong interests in scientific research and have some basic programming skills. We especially welcome minority or female students to join our research lab. Stipend (if available) will be provided for those with excellent research performance. Requirement: GPA 3.5 or higher, excellent programming skills, Python experience preferred.

In our team, you will have many collaboration opportunities

Current collaborators
USC Normal Molecular Microbial Ecology
USC Toxicogenomics lab
USC biology department, Sean Place Lab on Environmental genomics
SC Colon Cancer Center

Sponsors of our research

National Science Fundation