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AAEnrich: Physichemical Property Enrichment Test for Protein Sequences

--Finding enrichment of amino acids with special physichemical properties for protein sorting motifs or any group of protein sequences. see Manual

Citation note:If you use AAEnrich in your publications, please cite the following publication:
(1) Jianjun Hu, Fan Zhang. Hyperergeometric enrichment test for identifying novel sorting motifs
Step 1: Prepare your motif protein sequence file. Either in Fasta format or just as nake protein sequences

Step 2: Prepare a background sequence file.

Step 3: Select background sequence percentage used for calculating Hypergeomeric enrichment factor. Default is 100 times amino acides cut from the background seq file. If you use all background seq, it may lead to overflow.

Paste the query sequences in FASTA format below

Upload Background Sequence File (Fasta Format) (Default:cytoplasmic proteins):

Upload Amino acid property file: (Default)

Consider100 times of background amino acids all background sequences

Todo tasks:
  • add some selection of backgroud files
  • allow user to define physical chemical amino acid groups

Last Modified: June 16, 2009