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Dr. Jianjun Hu

Principal Investigator Tel:803-777-7304
Dr. Hu is interested in integrative functional genomics and especially integrative analysis of microarray data, DNA and protein motif discovery, gene expression regulation. He got his Ph.D. in Computer Science in the area of machine learning and particularly evolutionary computation at the Genetic Algorithm Research and Application Group (GARAGe) of Michigan State University. He is also interested in sustainable evolutionary algorithms and computationaldesign synthesis. He has worked on the DNA motif discovery problem as Postdoc at Kihara Bioinformatics Lab, Purdue University and microarray analysis at the Computational Molecular Biology Division at the University of Southern California (another USC)
Zheng Xiong

PhD Student (since 2014/9)
Zheng Xiong was graduated from Beijing University of Post and Communication. His research interests include machine learning, data mining and Material informatics. He is now working on phase mapping analysis of XRD data
Zhonghao Liu

PhD Student (since 2013/01)
Zhonghao was graduated from Sichuan University, China. His researchinterests include machine learning, data mining and bioinformatics. He is now working on sorting signal prediction
Yuxin Cui

PhD Student (from Fall 2014)
Yuxin was graduated from Harbin Institute of Tech (Shenzhen graduate school). His research interest is breast cancer image analysis
Guiying Zhang

Visiting Ph.D Student (from 2016-10)
Guiying is now Ph.D. student in computer science of Guizhou University. Her research interests include computer vision such as face recognition, sparse coding, and etc.
Srinivas Balivada

Master Student (from 2017-2)
Srinivas B was graduated from VIT University in India. He is now Master student in computer science. His research interests include big data analytics and machine learning and etc.
Srinivas Burra

Master Student (from 2017-1)
Srinivas was graduated from GMR Institute of Technology India. He is now Master student in computer science. Her research interests include deep learning and computer vision, and etc.

Dr. Jason Hattrick-Simpers

Associate Prof.
USC Department of Chemical Engineering
Dr. Hattrick's interest is on Highthroughput Experimental and computational material discovery.
Dr. Xiaoming Li

USC School of Public health
Dr. Li's interest is on Healthcare Quality, HIV prevention..
Dr. Beth Krizek

Associate Prof.
USC biology
Dr. Phillip Buckhaults

Asst. Prof.
USC School of Medicine
Colon Cancer Center
Dr. Buckhaults' interest is on elucidating molecular events associated with the progression of colon cancer, with particular focus on changes in gene expression that occur during transitions between stages of significantly different probabilities of good clinical outcome
Dr. Hexin Chen

Asst. Prof.
Current collaboration project is on "Identification of novel biomarkers for breast cancer stem cells", funded by Elsa U. Pardee foundation.
Dr. Campbell McInnes

Asst. Prof.
Dr. McInnes's expertise includes Virtual Screening Strategies in Drug Discovery.
Lisa Bain

Asso. Prof.