Protein Sorting Motif Discovery


A single cel has about 1 billion proteins. How these proteins are transported to their target location after their translation in cytoplasm is a mystery. This project aims to develop computational algorithms to identify all protien sorting motifs--molecular zips. We are also interested in understanding mechanisms how these sorting motifs are evolved or formed during species evolution.


We have developped successfuly our first version de novo protein sorting motif discovery algorithms.They have been used to rediscover a series of protein sorting signals. It thus has great potential to generate hypothesis for biologists involved in cellular traffic analysis.


Software/Server availability

Bayes Sorting motif discovery server

Other related softwares for protein sorting motif discovery

SLiMDisc: Short Linear Motif Discovery

Related databases

protein sequence motifs
ELM:The Eukaryotic Linear Motif Resource (ELM): Regulatory Sites in Proteins